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He joined the national team at the age of 19 and played in the World Cup at the age of 20. In 2015, she became the Chinese girl on the FIFA homepage.


Tang Jiali said that the praise came so quickly that she didn't know how to end it in the next few years.


In 2020, she is wearing the national team shirt again and just wants to be her own sun: life may be unsuccessful, dark, and low, but you still have to illuminate yourself.


"When I was 14 years old, I had my first knee亚搏体育app平台 surgery and it hurt."


Tang Jiali, who moved to Shanghai with her family at the age of 7, was quickly attracted by the enlightenment coach Qian Hui because of her explosive power and speed. In the 6 years of Jinshajiang Elementary School, this Heilongjiang girl has always been the most watched person on the court.

唐嘉丽(Tang Jiali)于7岁与家人搬到上海,由于她的爆发力和速度,很快就被启蒙教练钱辉(Chi Hui)吸引。在金沙江小学六年级中,这个黑龙江女孩一直是球场上最受关注的人。

"Tang Jiali can always score goals and have explosive power. Boys often can't keep up with the acceleration. Parents often report how this girl is more fierce than boys." Recalling his disciple's primary school years, Qian Hui always praised her.


After junior high school, Tang Jiali was promoted to the team and competed with her two three-year-old sisters. "Outstanding children will use the method of playing small and big. She is a core player and went up early in the morning so that they can get more exercise." Qian Hui explained.

初中毕业后,唐家丽被提升为车队成员,并与她的两个三岁大姐姐一起比赛。 “优秀的孩子将使用大小游戏的方法。她是核心游戏者,一大早就起床,以便他们能多运动。”钱辉解释。

"The fastest time for 30 meters is more than 4 seconds." She has outstanding indicators among her peers. She found all kinds of discomfort when she was thrown into the brigade. Especially the confrontation of physical strength, which also directly led to subsequent injuries.

“ 30米的最快时间超过4秒。”她在同行中有出色的指标。当她被扔进旅中时,她感到种种不适。特别是身体力量的对抗,这也直接导致了后续的伤害。

"I remember that in a match, I had a confrontation with my big sister. After I fell to the ground, I found that my knee was wrong and it hurt."


Tang Jiali was sent to a doctor immediately after finding that her injury was not good. The mother who worked hard every day also rushed to the hospital.


"My mother is crying."


"I didn't cry on the contrary, maybe because I stayed in the circle for a long time, and I was not surprised by injuries."


After diagnosis, Tang Jiali had torn meniscus in both knees. The doctor gave two options: conservative treatment and immediate surgery.


The 14-year-old Tang Jiali chose the latter: "In order to play better in the future."


After the operation is completed, Tang Jiali's family will have to face the problems of physical recovery, state maintenance and psychological reconstruction. For many parents, football becomes dispensable when a child suffers an injury on the court.


Do you want to continue or quit school? Their family needs to make a choice.


"I know that my family feels distressed, but after the operation, I said what I thought. They knew I liked it, and my daughter wanted to continue playing, so they supported it."


"But I also told me that you must protect yourself before you can continue to chase your dreams."


After 2 months, she was able to walk normally. Nine months later, he returned to the stadium.


After a period of adjustment, Tang Jiali slowly adapted to the intensity and rhythm of the brigade, and soon she was promoted to the Shanghai Youth Team and started her career as a professional team.


In the 2012 National Games qualifiers, the Shanghai Women's Football team ushered in a must-win promotion. The main forward Tang Jiali sprained ankle in the first half.


The head coach Shui Qingxia is about to change. "I think her whole ankle is not working."

校长水青霞即将改变。 “我认为她的整个脚踝都无法正常工作。”

Tang Jiali signaled to continue insisting: "I think it's okay to just have the bones. If you just get it, you can recover. And I am the eldest sister in the team, and I will definitely not end if I can play."


"She did better than me." Shui Qingxia smiled, as if seeing her shadow when she was young. "We are in different times, and many things are incomparable, but she has a bit of a resemblance—a character that is not to admit defeat."

“她比我做得更好。”水青霞微笑着,仿佛看到了她年轻时的影子。 “我们处在不同的时代,许多事情是无与伦比的,但是她有点相似之处-这个角色不允许失败。”

The final whistle sounded and the pain hit. "It hurts after the game, and it hurts slowly."

最后的哨声响起,痛苦袭来。 “比赛后很痛,而且很慢。”

Tang Jiali was sent to the hospital again fo亚搏体育app平台r filming. During the treatment, she cried. Fortunately, the bones were fine and returned to normal after two weeks.


"The average athlete really can't hold on, but the whole game has clenched his teeth. I thought at the time that this child would definitely not be bad in the future: because she can bite it when it's critical," Shui Qingxia said.

水青霞说:“普通的运动员真的不能坚持下去,但是整个比赛都咬紧了牙。我当时以为这个孩子将来肯定不会变坏:因为在关键时刻她可以咬伤它。” 。

"Beauty, you start this game, just give full play to your characteristics." Before the game, women's football coach Hao Wei wrote Tang Jiali's name into the first 11 players in the World Cup.


In the second round of the 2015 Canada Women's World Cup group stage, the Chinese team played against the Dutch team. As the team lost to the host in the first game, if the team wanted to qualify, the second match should not be lost.


"Unexpectedly, I was a little nervous," Tang Jiali's heartbeat quickened. "Although I am in a good state, there are actually many older sisters to choose from."

“没想到,我有点紧张,”唐嘉丽的心跳加快了。 “尽管我处境良好,但实际上有很多姐姐可供选择。”

Indeed, at this time 亚搏体育app平台Tang Jiali is still a rookie, only one year after stepping into the gate of the national team, the initial panic is still fresh in my memory.


In the national team debut in 2014, Tang Jiali appeared on the stage like an actor who got into the plot, "I don’t know what I’m going to do after I’m on the court. I have an illusion against players from Europe and the United States. Can't get the ball but the opponent?"


With the response of teammates, the command of the coach, and her own responsibilities, with multiple tasks being carried out at the same time, her brain can no longer think calmly, making mistakes frequently on the court.


"Too nervous. The first time I joined the national team, I was also nervous in training and the game."


After returning from the national team, Tang Jiali, who was frustrated in her self-confidence, looked depressed. As a former women’s national footballer, Shui Qingxia understood her lover’s mood very well. Compared with the comforting words of "It's okay! A good ball!" More willing to point to the pain point and single out all the deficiencies in Tang Jiali's competition.


Of course, Tang Jiali can also hear a lot of pertinent praise: "Shui Dao (Shui Qingxia) will say good and bad, and he will tell me what is good? What is bad? It’s not like watching the ball badly."


Under the guidance of her mentor, Tang Jiali re-adjusted her mental state. After returning to the women's football again, she became more comfortable, and her name also appeared in the 23-man roster for the World Cup.


On Weibo, Tang Jiali updated her first post: "May the beauty of the world come as promised." Fans also began to get to know this smiling, dark skin, and two small tiger teeth.


On June 12, 2015, Tang Jiali's wish came true.


With a whistle from referee Martinez, the Sino-Dutch war kicked off.


"I was very excited, I wanted to play this game well. Although I was a little nervous, it was gone after stepping on the lawn."


In the 4th minute, the 20-year-old Tang Jiali got rid of the top of the arc continuously, took the ball with her right foot, followed by a flicker, and then took a long shot with her left foot above the crossbar.


At the end of the half, Tang Jiali had a total of 6 shots, the most in the team. And she is also the Chinese player who poses the most threats to opponents. Between midfield, many Dutch reporters came forward to inquire about No. 13 of the Chinese team: "Why did she not play in the first game?"


In the second half, the Chinese team beat the opponent 1-0. According to technical statistics after the game, the women's football girls shot up to 25 shots, and Tang Jiali alone has 10 shots. The single-handed and mid-frame in the second half became Tang Jiali's biggest regret.


"Hey, 10 feet hit the door, but one shot didn't make it. It's still a mentality problem, I'm too anxious."


Tang Jiali's performance Hao Wei saw in his eyes, "She did well in this role, and she also has this strength, I hope she can score a point in the next game." Although she failed to score, the coach still chose to trust.


For the remaining 3 games, Tang Jiali all got the chance to play, including 2 starts. After the event, Tang Jiali also became a candidate for the three best newcomers (born after January 1995) and appeared on the FIFA homepage. Wang Shuang, who is the same age, has been substituted 4 times and missed the nomination.


There is a saying in "The Kite Chaser": It is always more hurtful than never to get it. This sentence can also reflect Tang Jiali's psychological changes after the World Cup.


"For a striker, playing so many shots in the Netherlands and not scoring a goal is a big blow to me."


"A lot of people think that I am a promising newcomer, and they say that I played well in the Dutch game, which in turn put a lot of pressure on me."


In order to relieve the pressure, after the World Cup, Tang Jiali called her best friend Ma Jun, went to Yunnan, climbed the snow mountain, and visited Dali, trying to make herself free. As everyone knows, when she returned to the court, she still couldn't get rid of the shadow of repeatedly failing to score in the World Cup and hesitated on the court.


"Shoot to the left? Or to the right?"


Tang Jiali has a lot of thoughts, the ball reaches her feet, within the range of her shot, and she is not very decisive. A fleeting opportunity on the court cannot tolerate a trace of indecision. Opportunities are missed one after another, self-confidence is hit again, and the state is different.


Outside the court, she was always troubled by two voices:


"Tang Jiali, you can't play football, you are actually not that good."


"Tang Jiali, you play very well, very promising."


"I care about it." The 21-year-old Tang Jiali started to hesitate again, thinking about outsiders' comments on her on the road and at home. In many cases, she can only rely on movies to divert her attention. When the ending song sounded, Tang Jiali began to think again: "It's not going well!"

“我在乎。” 21岁的唐家丽开始再次犹豫,想着外界在路上和家里对她的评论。在许多情况下,她只能依靠电影来转移注意力。当结束歌曲响起时,唐嘉丽开始重新思考:“进展不顺利!”

Unstable mentality and low mood directly affected the competitive state on the court. The Algarve Cup and the Rio Olympics successively closed the door to Tang Jiali. From the best newcomer candidate for the World Cup to the loss of various competition lists, the 21-year-old has experienced the ups and downs from the peak to the bottom in a year.


"I can't adjust myself a little bit. After losing the Olympic Games, I feel even more sad."


For more than half a year, she still hesitated, stepping back step by step.


Taking advantage of the days when there was no competition, Tang Jiali chose to go back to her alma mater. At Jinshajiang Primary School, she visited her teacher Qian Hui and brought milk tea to the juniors.


"Beauty, look, you guys played like this when you were young." Qian Hui pointed to the little girl playing on the field.


"Mr. Qian, I feel so happy to see my sisters playing football. I didn't have that much pressure before. Playing football is just happy, just happy." Tang Jiali smiled. "I have to learn from my sisters to play football and keep my original mentality."

“钱先生,看到我的姐妹们踢足球,我感到非常高兴。我以前没有那么大的压力。踢足球就是快乐,只是快乐。”唐家丽笑了。 “我必须向姐妹们学习踢足球,并保持自己的原始思想。”

Seeing Jiali’s arrival, Qian Hui was not surprised: "I told them that when you are unhappy, when you can’t hold on, come back to your alma mater more to see, see your juniors, think about you The way you came, remember your original intentions, don’t forget them as soon as you leave."


At the end of the trip to the Jinsha River, Tang Jiali took the initiative to practice. With the help of Shui Qingxia, she began to practice shooting, striving to not miss every detail from the angle, position and strength of the shot. During the period, she also watched a lot of inspirational short films and goal highlights of Messi.


"Before nap and before going to bed at night, I have to watch a 10 to 20-minute score collection, and the same is true before the game. Because I want to be an idol like Messi."


At the beginning of 2018, 22-year-old Tang Jiali joined Suning Women's Football on loan. The new environment, new teammates, and different tactics made her fall into a scoring shortage of three or four rounds.


"Beauty, you can accomplish many things on the court. There are many ways to help the team. Goal is just one of them. You don't have to score goals on the court because your teammates can help you score." See through players' minds The Suning women’s football coach Jaslin, with a few words, relieved Tang Jiali’s psychological burden.


"So heart-warming." Tang Jiali recalled. "After the coach told me, I relaxed a lot, and indeed I scored in that game."

“太温暖了。”唐家丽回忆。 “在教练告诉我之后,我放松了很多,的确在那场比赛中得分。”

"Ma Jun handed the ball to Tang Jiali and hit the goal by himself." In the 88th minute of the game, the commentator raised his voice by decibels.


Pushing the ground, swinging his legs, shooting, with a backspin ball flying towards the gate of the first Australian women's football team in Asia. "Because of inertia, I fell down after the shot, and the ball was no longer visible from that angle."

推着地面,挥舞双腿,射击,后旋球飞向亚洲第一支澳大利亚女子足球队的大门。 “由于惯性,我在投篮后摔倒了,从那个角度再也看不见球了。”

A few seconds later, the sound of the stands behind the goal peaked, and the five-star red flag and the slogan of Wuhan Cheer up were raised high. "After hearing the cheers, I knew the ball was there, excited!"

几秒钟后,球门后面的看台声音达到顶峰,五星级红旗和武汉加油站的口号高高挂起。 “听到欢呼声之后,我知道那儿的球很激动!”

Immediately after the goal, Tang Jiali lay on the ground quietly, her hands covering her face after exhausting her energy.


At this moment, she waited for a long time.


Before the Olympic preliminaries, Tang Jiali had lost the Asian Games in Indonesia and the World Cup in France. In the 2019 Women's Super League, she won the local Golden Boot with 8 goals, reopened the door of the national team, and reaped the battle for her own name.


With 4 goals in 3 games, the top scorer in the Olympic preliminaries, Tang Jiali updated Weibo after the whistle: bottoming out, I hope this is not the highest point of the rebound.


There were hundreds of comments in one time, and nearly a thousand recomments and likes, and the attention increased sharply.


"You must be firm in your heart, and you will rebound when you believe in the lowest valley. Stick to yourself, stick to your own style, don't care about others, you are yourself, be your own sun, and illuminate yourself in the valley."


At the end of the chat, Jiali also shared a short story. She said that she always thinks a lot about things that she is not happy about, and she often goes to watch movies at this time.


At the beginning of 2017, she watched "The Shawshank's Redemption" on the screen, witnessing how imprisoned Andy took the courage step by step and regained his inspiration after 19 years.


She cut three pictures and posted it to Moments: I think there is only one simple choice, either to be busy or to die.


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